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Tai Chi Caledonia Forum

Dear Friends of Tai Chi Caledonia
We originally created these Forum pages with the intent of allowing free communication between the organisation of Tai Chi Caledonia, the people who have attended the event, and those who have a general interest in Chinese internal arts.

Over the past six months we have seen a dramatic increase in the efforts of spammers, generally trying to promote their unsavoury websites, via the open access to our Forum pages. Because of this we have regretfully decided to close this part of our site down.

We do, however, continue to actively encourage free, open exchange regarding our event, and the internal arts community at large.

If you have anything whatsoever that you would like to share with our community please email Ronnie Robinson and we will ensure your views are prominently displayed, if you so wish.

You can also contribute to the site by posting images of Tai Chi Caledonia to flickr see: Tai Chi Caledonia: Flickr for details of how to do this and All the photos from Tai Chi Caledonia 2007