Luke Sheperd’s new DVD

Push Hands Training Concepts
5 Loosening Exercises of Master Huang Shen Shyan
Relaxed Elastic Force

by Luke Shepherd 2014

This DVD is an excerpt from the online i-Chi programme which is a new concept in learning tai chi. As taught by Luke Shepherd, senior student of Patrick Kelly and produced by Tai Chi Nation.

The training starts simply and progresses to intermediate and touches on advanced concepts. The short form is covered in 15 workshops but the programme also includes numerous warm up exercises, 5 loosening exercises, tai chi stepping, 4 x meditations, 3 x Master Classes, warm up routines, practice routines, student interviews but most importantly of all an online forum where members can talk directly with instructors.

This excerpt DVD is suited to the intermediate practitioner and covers concepts used in push hands issuing relaxed elastic force. Exercises are given to develop intrinsic force and develop this into waves of stretched elastic force.

Push hands issuing is clearly demonstrated. How relaxed power is generated is lucidly and concisely explained in relation to push hands and how it can be trained in the 5 loosening exercises and the form.

The DVD explains how force can be borrowed from the ground through a process of internally changing the condition of muscle groups in a wave as muscles pass through a cycle of change from contracted – relaxed, stretched – unstretched.

It clearly shows the difference between external movement and internal changes within the body and how these can be utilized to achieve issuing that seem too relaxed to be effective.