Judith Van Drooge head shot

Judith Van Drooge

Judith Van Drooge has studied tai chi for 10 years with Luis Molera and William CC Chen who she is a registered instructor for. Judith has competed successfully in a number of major European competitions where she has won a number of medals in push hands, hand and weapon forms.

Inner Touch

Judith Van Drooge taught at Caledonia in 2009

Nils Klug head shot

Nils Klug

Nils Klug has studied Tai Chi Chuan since 1988 and has been teaching since 1990. In the same year, Nils began studying with Grand Master William C. C. Chen, and became his certified instructor in 1993, the same year he founded his own Tai Chi Chuan school in Hannover, Germany. In addition to his personal training with eminent instructors such as William C. C. Chen & Dr Tao Ping Siang. Nils has been an active promoter of tai chi chuan through his annual Push Hands Meeting, the largest push hands meeting in Europe, and his regular teaching in Europe, where he also served as President of the Taijiquan & Qigong Federation for Europe.


Tai Chi Studio Hannover

Nils Klug taught at Caledonia in 2005 2009 2011 2012

Bob Lowey head shot

Bob Lowey

Bob Lowey, who was a co-founder of Tai Chi Caledonia, began his Martial Arts training in the late 1960’s studying Judo and Karate and, from the mid-1970’s be studied Wang Kung Shou Tao, attained Instructor status in 1979. Bob opened his first Taiji class in East Kilbride in September 1985. He is a regular and popular figure in the European Taiji community where he has been teaching at major events for over 20 years.

7 Stars School of Taijiquan

Bob Lowey taught at Caledonia in 2007 2006 2005 2003 2002 2000 2008 2009 2011 2012

Sam Masich head shot

Sam Masich

Sam Masich One of the most accomplished mid-generation practitioners of Chinese internal martial arts in the world today, Sam has trained and taught for nearly three decades. He has studied with some of the great masters of this era from including Liang Shouyu, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Jou Tsung Hwa, Yang Zhenduo and Chen Xiaowang.
A passionate and gifted teacher, Sam never fails to inspire students along their path. His work as a full time instructor has taken him to over 100 cities in Canada, USA, Mexico, England, Scotland, Germany and Spain. Students from around the world have traveled to his annual Sam Masich Push Hands Training Camp held in Vancouver, Canada. Many of Sam's students have become top level instructors. Sam is one of few practitioners today that trains and teaches the entire traditional Yang curriculum. He is the creator of the 5 Section Taijiquan Program, a recreational and preliminary training program which includes bare-hand and weapons solo and sparring routines, as well as partner practices. Sam has distinguished himself in competition as a quadruple and septuple gold medalist in national competitions and was a member of the Canadian National Chinese Martial Arts Team competing in China at The World Wushu Invitationals in 1985. Since 1989 he has chief-refereed and judged in regional to national level tournaments in Canada and the USA.
Sam has made some 20 films on taijiquan and neijia related subjects, is the subject of two internationally airing documentaries and has served as a martial arts action consultant, trainer and choreographer on various TV programs and stage productions. Sam is also a musician with several well regarded albums to his credit.


Sam Masich taught at Caledonia in 2007 2008 2009 2011

Franco Mescola head shot

Franco Mescola

Franco Mescola has studied martial arts for over 40 years and internal arts since 1975. In 1985 he founded the Tai Chi Research Centre in his native Venice and has worked in hospitals researching the effects of qigong on patients. He has also written a number of articles and books on internal arts. Franco also hosts an international internal arts festival in his native Venice.


Franco Mescola taught at Caledonia in 2005 2008 2009

Wang Ning head shot

Wang Ning

Wang Ning was born in Nanjing, China where he learned the art of calligraphy since his early childhood. He also studied old Chinese writing and the art of creating Chinese 'chops'. Wang practices Yang style Taijiquan which has greatly enhanced his calligraphy work. He is now living in Germany where he has also written a number of articles on calligraphy.

Willkommen zu Wang-Ning.de

Wang Ning taught at Caledonia in 2007 2008 2009 2011

Gianfranco Pace head shot

Gianfranco Pace

Gianfranco Pace began to practice Taijiquan in his late teens, researching and studying with different masters from around the world. His initial training Taijiquan training was in Chen style with Shi Ronghua, before going to Cheng-du to study the internal kungfu of Sun Lutang, with master Gou Honghai. He also studied in Chenjiagou, the birthplace of Taijiquan, staying at the house of Master Chen Xiaoxin, as his guest.

His huge passion for the practice of Taijiquan, also led him to the in-depth study of its weapons: sword, saber, Gundao, lance, pole and double weapons and, of course, also tui shou and fighting. He has also developed training exercises, to help to improve Taijiquan ability using additional training tools such as the elastic ball or the rolling pin (taiji bang).

Gianfranco has developed his own study method to research the Art of Taijiquan as an effective martial art. During his career, he compared his own experience with that of masters Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxin and Wang Xiang. His has also worked to look at the connections between applying Taijiquan against Street fighting and has developed his own system of Taiji Self Defence (TSD) System, which is the result of his experiments. In recent years Gianfranco has been preparing a technical program useful for students, to train and practice fighting sports and in these last two years his senior young students have competed in sanda, full-contact fighting and boxing.

In the 2009 he has founded his own Taijiquan school, now the basis of the International Taiji Quan Kung Fu Association (I.T.K.A.) . This school was created to develop a traditional Taijiquan teaching place where students come from all around the world to train in a residential boarding school.

ITKA Taijiquan - Kung Fu di Chenjiagou - TSD System - Maestro Gianfranco Pace

Gianfranco Pace taught at Caledonia in 2012

Marianne Plouvier head shot

Marianne Plouvier

Marianne Plouvier is a Yang Taiji Martial Art School's teacher, continuously training since 1990 with M. Antoine Ly.
She is practicing and teaching bare hand form, right and left, saber, sword, stick and fan, pushing hands and eight pieces of brocade.
She took part in many national, european and chinese competitions, both as competitor and judge. She is also AAMYTF's president, FTCCG's vice-president and TCFE Executive Committee's member.

Marianne Plouvier taught at Caledonia in 2006 2005 2009

Ronnie Robinson head shot

Ronnie Robinson

Ronnie Robinson, founder of Tai Chi Caledona has studied taijiquan since 1981 being training in the Cheng Man-Ching tradition, working with a number of instructors including Larry Butler, Michael Tse and Ian Cameron as well as attending workshops with Mike Sigman, Patrick Kelly, Mario Napoli and having worked privately with Tom Brodie MacClue & Tian Lian. He is a professional instructor and active promoter of internal arts through his various roles as Promotions Manager - Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, Secretary - Taijiquan & Qigong Federation for Europe and Editor of Tai Chi Chuan & Internal Arts magazine (UK). Since 1997 he has been a regular teacher at major European events, including the International Push Hands Meeting where he has taught at 10 of its 12 years.

Chiron Tai Chi

Ronnie Robinson taught at Caledonia in 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2000 2008 2009 2011 2012

Paul Silfverstrale head shot

Paul Silfverstrale

Paul Silfverstrale has studied Asian martial arts for over 20 years, and is a student of Dan Docherty since 1998. He has lived, travelled, practiced and taught extensively in Europe, China and SE Asia, and spent thorough time in Malaysia and Singapore practicing with Wu-style family. He is an international tournament winner in forms, pushing hands and San Shou, many of his students have also been successful on the international competition arena. He works professionally teaching Tai Chi Chuan and as a TCM acupuncturist.

Practical Tai Chi Chuan

Paul Silfverstrale taught at Caledonia in 2008 2009 2011



I have studied Cheng Man-Ching style Tai chi for 18 years, working with Nigel Sutton, Master Liang Heqing, Lam Kim Hong & Lee Bay Lay. I have also taught at these major event: Course instructor 2010, International Instructors course Malaysia. Course Instructor 2009, International students course Malaysia. Participant 2009 Pushing Hands Invitational North South Shaolin Centre, Penang. Co-founder of The 3 Treasures Tai Chi Forest Festival

TONY ULATOWSKI taught at Caledonia in 2011

Faye Li Yip head shot

Faye Li Yip

FAYE LI YIP Was born to a traditional Chinese Martial Arts family in Beijing and has studied since childhood. From the age of 7 she trained in Shaolin Quan, then Xing Yi, Bagua and Taiji (Yang and Sun Style) under her father (Prof Li Deyin). She also travelled to many different parts of China to learn from highly respected masters, train with professional coaches and compete with some of China's elite athletes. She has been teaching in the UK since 1990, and she produced many medal-winning students in British National competitions.

Deyin Taijiquan Institute (GB)

Faye Li Yip taught at Caledonia in 2006 2005 2008 2009 2011