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Flickr is a photo storage and sharing website.
Flickr makes it easy for people to group there photos of the same subject with other of similar interest. It is proposed that anyone interested in sharing their photos of Tai Chi Caledonia does so through Flickr by tagging their photos with taichicaledonia2011.

Before you post images to flickr you need to create an account, a basic account is free and allows you to post up to 200 photos.

This years tag is taichicaledonia2012

For example here are my photos tags with taichicaledonia07 on flickr: Flickr: troutcolor's photos tagged with taichicaledonia07
And all photos tagged Flickr: Photos tagged with taichicaledonia07


Flickr allows us to display photos tagged with a particular tag on any website, her for example are the latest photos tagged with taichicaledonia2011:

More Flickr photos tagged with taichicaledonia2011
We can also set up different sorts of galleries based on the photos you upload, for example here is one Tai Chi Caledonia 2011 Gallery
Once you have set up your account all you need to do is to visit the flickr upload page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/upload/ and upload your photos with the form, just make sure they are tagged with taichicaledonia2012.