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Taiji Europa


Taiji Europa Volume 1 DVD £5.00 + postage

Over 2 hours of video featuring internationally acclaimed instructors demonstrating aspects of taijiquan, qigong and Chinese Internal Arts. Roberto Bennetti, William CC Chen, Fernando Chedel, Dan Docherty, Cornelia Gruber, Zhai Hua, Henk Janssen, Nils Klug, Ly-My Lac, Sam Masich, Nathan Menanged, Angela Memzel, William Mertens, Luis Molera, Maria Nedelcheva, Ronnie Robinson, Paul Silfverstrale, Lauren Smith, Epi van de Pol, Luigi Zanini, Detlef Zimmerman & many more.



Relaxation DVD

Relaxation DVD - A practical guide to relaxation, stress reduction and increased vitality.

Relaxation Dvd W200

Simple, yet highly effective exercises from taiji, qigong & shiatsu.

This DVD includes a series of practical exercises from various Eastern traditions, performed by key practitioners from different European countries.

These highly experienced teachers guide you through a series of simple, yet highly effective techniques, designed to relax the mind, strengthen the body and stimulate natural healing energies.