Tai Chi Caledonia: History

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Tai Chi Caledonia, an annual, international event, was founded by Bob Lowey and Ronnie Robinson who have both spent many years actively participating in major internal arts gatherings in the UK and Europe.

In 1995 our first camp was held in an army camp in the Scottish Highlands of Aviemore. Despite the barrack accommodation over 40 participants from the UK and Europe gathered in mid May that year to enjoy practising internal arts in the fresh, country air. Being Scotland and being in the Highlands they were lucky to experience the realism of four seasons in one day which is one of our famous folk tales. From the beautiful spring sunshine we went to rain, sleet and finally snow on the final day of that 1st camp.

On our third camp we moved to the University Campus of Stirling which has been our internal arts home, for one week in June, since 1997. The venue is ideally suited for our needs with private accommodation for all, spacious indoor or outdoor workspace, fresh green hills and lakes and an abundance of local wildlife.

Since we started Tai Chi Caledonia in 1996 many tai chi chuan and internal arts practitioners from the UK, Europe, Africa, America and Asia have come to Scotland to learn, teach and share their knowledge of internal arts in a natural, clean fresh environment. To provide a flavour of Tai Chi Caledonia we will be including details of past programmes, reports and images from previous events. We also invite past participants to provide a few words expressing their experience of Tai Chi Caledonia.