PayPal payments

It is now possible to make your payment via PayPal (which will hopefully be simpler and cheaper for our overseas visitors) to and make sure you remember to note who the payment is from! (Banking information for making direct transfers is available on request).

Whether paying by PayPal or bank transfer please also submit a booking form with your full details.

The Ronnie Robinson Bursary

Tai Chi Caledonia was pleased this year to have implemented the first Ronnie Robinson Bursary.
This allowed one deserving student to attend the entire event free of charge in memory of Ronnie.
This year Aileen and myself were advised of a self-employed student who would not only have struggled to afford the fees but would have lost income for that week as well.
However, it was always our hope that this bursary should, if possible, be awarded for more than purely financial reasons and this year was successful in that.
The beneficiary had had a particularly difficult year, having moved to the other end of the country for a considerable time to support a close relative during and after his wife’s unsuccessful battle with cancer.
It is intended to continue this bursary every year so if you know of anyone who might be deserving of it in 2018 please check out the Ronnie Robinson Bursary page on this site and let us know.

Ronnie Robinson Memorial Update

Donations for Ronnie’s books and DVDs at this year’s Tai Chi Caledonia totalled £436.13.

Added to last year’s donations of £1087.93, this gives us a total of £1524.06 which will be  made up to £2000 by Tai Chi Caledonia to go towards the memorial for Ronnie in the university’s Garden of Imagination. Hopefully this will be in place before next year’s event.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.






I have posted this information on the Tai Chi Caledonia facebook page.

It was noted last year that a few people had come some distance and from the same general area. If you are planning to drive up to Stirling next month and have room in your car for others then please post the details as a comment to this Tai Chi Caledonia Facebook page post.

Similarly if you would like a lift to Stirling and are willing to share petrol costs then put your details there too.

You can then PM each other and sort things out, just don’t drag me into it! 😲

Chip Shop Closed

Just a heads up that the chip shop and Italian restaurant at the foot of the hill will be closed during Tai Chi Caledonia and The William Wallace pub no longer serves food in the evening. The Co-op mini market stocks ready meals if you wish to cook for yourself in your chalet. There is a microwave in each kitchen.

There are a number of eating places in Bridge of Allan about 1.5km walk and there are some carry-out eateries there too.



2 for 1 for a day at the weekend

You will see that there is an option to attend this event for a day at the weekend.  To encourage those that have not attended before and may wonder what it is all about we are offering a two for the price of one option for this provided that one of the two has not attended Tai Chi Caledonia before.

The Ronnie Robinson Bursary

Tai Chi Caledonia was founded in 1996 to allow the people of Scotland and beyond to have the opportunity to work with high level instructors, offering a range of styles and approaches to Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and other Chinese Internal Arts.

This was the vision of Ronnie and Bob when they founded this event way back then. This vision continues and to foster this spirit, and to ensure that Ronnie’s name continues to be synonymous with Tai Chi Caledonia, we are introducing the annual Ronnie Robinson Bursary.    

It is appreciated that sometimes life can in many ways get in the way of our practice; in these times of austerity this is perhaps more true than ever it was. The Ronnie Robinson Bursary will provide one place at Tai Chi Caledonia each year for which the successful student will pay nothing.

The process will be for anyone aware of someone who they believe would be deserving of this to put a case forward for them on the form below (with their permission, of course!). If we do not know you then you should also attach a summary of your internal arts history and your place in it.

We are not listing criteria for qualification here as no doubt, whatever we thought of, you would come up with some scenario that we had missed. Suffice to say the relevant word is “deserving”, not just someone you know who would like a freebie!

 Ronnie Robinson Bursary Nomination form

Completed forms should be returned to:
Tai Chi Caledonia​, 62a Greenock Road, Bishopton, Renfrewshire, Scotland UK
or emailed to