A week of Tai Chi, Qigong & Chinese internal arts in the heart of Scotland

Website Now Available for Booking

The updates are now complete and you can see next year’s instructors, the weekend programme and the options for Monday to Friday workshops


Currently updating for next year’s event and so navigation not working properly for the time being. It is hoped tocomplete this by the end of the  month

Guest Speaker for Discussion Night – 26th Tai Chi Caledonia 2023

We are delighted to tell you that we will have Harriet Devlin with us on Tuesday evening to give a presentation about her mother, Gerda Geddes. Some of you will remember Gerda from a few years ago when Ronnie invited her to join us at Cally. For those of you who don’t, Gerda was the […]

Taco Tuesday is back!

Some of you may remember that we had planned a “Taco Tuesday” last year but the caterer let us down at the last minute. We are glad to say that a new caterer has been identified and “Taco Tuesday” is back on this July. In order to minimise delay in getting fed we have agreed […]

Teacher Change

Unfortunately Pim van den Broek will be unable to join us in July. However, Helmut Oberlack has agreed to take his place. Helmut will not be presenting the same workshops as Pim had planned but I have asked him to consider a topic that he thinks would suit those that have expressed interest in Pim’s. […]

Reopening of nominations for the 2023 Ronnie Robinson Bursary

Tai Chi Caledonia was founded in 1996 to allow the people of Scotland and beyond to have the opportunity to work with high level instructors, offering a range of styles and approaches to Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and other Chinese Internal Arts. This was the vision of Ronnie and Bob when they founded this event […]

Weekend Teachers

I am pleased to be able to announce that Helmut Oberlack, Lucia Ring-Watkins and James Carss have agreed to join us and teach some weekend sessions. So that is the participants all confirmed and I just await details of what they propose to present to us.

2023 Teachers Update

Work continues on next year’s event and I hope to be able to publish the programme and costs next month. Meanwhile, I can share with you which teachers will be joining us for the week: Gianfranco Pace Margherita Padalino Yanira Jigetsu Rodriguez Paul Silfverstrale John Bolwell Javier Arnanz Pim van den Broek Chiara Vendettuoli I […]

Cally Finances

First of all a big thank you to all who came along to make this year’s event one of the best yet, if the feedback is anything to go by.   We have never considered Tai Chi Caledonia to be a money-making venture. However it has always been self-funding with enough being left over at […]

26th Tai Chi Caledonia

This page  has been updated but the rest of the website will remain relevant to the 25th anniversary event until I have more detail regarding teachers and topics for next year. SO PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND BOOK UNTIL THE REST OF THE SITE IS UPDATED TO Tai Chi Caledonia 2023!