2019 Weekend Sessions

Over the course of the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, we offer a choice of 48 x 45 minute taster workshops. To allow you to make easy choices from the topics we offer they are divided into four distinct sections. Here is a link to the weekend schedule:


For a bit more detail on some of the topics at the weekend follow the link below. Where a teacher only describes two topics these will be repeated on the Sunday.


All the material in the first column (A) is accessible to everyone, irrespective of their experience level, the topics are also particularly suited to beginners. They are all Qigong sets, basic energy work or work on basic principles, all of which are ideally suited for health maintenance.

The second column (B) consists of principles of tai chi, slightly more advanced qigong and very gentle partner work.

The third section (C) includes an introduction to safely-structured partner exercises and a continuation of tai chi principles. These seminars will enable you to gain a deeper insight to both the meaning and purpose of these arts.

The fourth column (D) provides an opportunity to experiment with other aspects and disciplines of Chinese Internal Arts, as well as more advanced partner work.

General Advice
We suggest you work in areas from A-D according to your level of experience. All the instructors have many years experience and will help you to gain more from your learning and practice. Please feel free to ask any questions before participating in these workshops. We respectfully suggest you take responsibility for your own well-being.