Programme 2022

Tai Chi Caledonia offers a range of options for attending, making it accessible to all, from beginner to adept. You can join us on a day, weekend, whole or part week basis, residential or non-residential.

The Weekend Sessions

Our programme starts on Saturday morning at 9.00 with a brief introductory meeting in lecture room A3 of the Cotterell Building. Details of how to get there will be available in the chalets although I am sure that your fellow participants will be happy to take you there. The weekend sessions include choices of 48 x 45 minute sessions allowing you to get a taste of a variety of approaches to tai chi & Chinese internal arts. Where appropriate we have graded these choices progressively from A – D, A being qigong and a softer approach, progressing all the way through to martial applications or topics which would be better suited to those with more experience in section D.

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The Week-long Sessions

From Monday – Thursday you will train 2.5 hours each morning and afternoon, over the four days allowing 10 hours intensive training, each morning and afternoon, working on 2 separate disciplines (1 each from A and B) for 5 hours per day in total.

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Barry’s Boot Camp

Tai Chi Caledonia welcomes the return of the ever-popular Barry’s Bootcamp each morning from 7.30 – 9.30, starting on Sunday. Start your day the energetic way with the ever-enthusiastic Barry McGinlay. These sessions will occupy the slot taken by early morning Baguazhang in recent years.

Early Morning Qigong

For those not as enthusiastic as Barry at that time in the morning or who just need a bit more sleep, there will be qigong sessions from 8.30 – 9.30 each morning starting on Sunday. These will be led by a different teacher each day.

Push Hands

After dinner on every night (except Wednesday – Ceilidh night!) there will be non-competitive push hands. There will be a separate area for beginners to receive instruction for a short time at the start of each session. This will feature a different teacher each night, as we all have different approaches and emphases to this practice.

The Famous Cally Ceilidh!

As the event takes place in the heart of Scotland, in the shadow of the monument to William Wallace, we will also experience some Scottish culture. By popular demand we will again have the famous Cally Ceilidh on the Wednesday night. Our ceilidh band, the award-winning Adin Graham Band, has a caller who will talk you through the steps, so even the inexperienced can enjoy the fun. The less energetic of you can still be entertained by the  music and watching teachers, who through the week seemed so co-ordinated, trying to get to grips with some of the steps.

2021 Schedule

Additions to Programme

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