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  1. Yun Choi Yeung


    I am a friend of Niu Shengxian and would like to know if you people linterested to apply your Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Baguaquan to the martial sport of Pangration. I am happy to run some workshop for your organization. I can send you a detail CV if needed.

    Best regards,


    1. Ronnie Robinson Post author

      Hi YC
      Thanks for your interest, I’m afraid I have all the teachers I need for next year.

      Best wishes


  2. karen

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that we received a letter in the post to our address in Murieston to a man called John Bunyan. There is no one here of that name so you may need to update your details. Thanks

  3. Anna

    My mother has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s so I feel she should start Tai chi. She lives in north London. Can you please let me know of any teachers available on that area. She is Italian.
    Thank you

    1. Al Scott

      Sorry to hear about your mother. You would be best looking at the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB) website (www.taichiunion.com) to find somebody near you in London as we are based in Scotland. There is a list of instructors by location on that website.
      Hope you find one that suits,
      Al Scott

  4. Tim Bradley

    I sent my booking form on 31/03/2016 and transferred the money to the above/below account.

    Not having had any confirmation that you have received these I emailed the bookings email during the week. Not having received a reply, I thought I would try this route. I have also texted and left a message on the mobile answer phone but there was no reply on the land line.

    I was just after some sort of confirmation that I have a place reserved and that you have the money which I transferred by bank transfer.


    Tim Bradley

    1. Al Scott

      Hi Tim,

      I believe you should have received a reply from me by now. Apologies but the original bookings address and phone are Ronnie Robinson’s. Sadly Ronnie passed away in March and we are still in the process of updating things so we can take over the admin of these things.

      We will give you the new account details before you need to pay the balance.

      All the best,

      Al Scott

  5. Kim Mahler

    I met Ronnie, once.
    We share a passion for 18 Stance, Shibashi form.

    I have been practising and teaching this form for many years. Its a old friend.
    Also, Wudang style.

    Ronnie was going to teach the last set of Shibashi at Caledonia this year. If you need me to teach that I am happy to.
    Let me know.

    God Bless you Ronnie, now with the true Masters.

    Kim Mahler
    Tel 01366 386711

  6. David Paton

    Hi. At last year’s conference Ronnie had arranged for Tulliallan Pipe Band to lead the parade up to the theatre on the Saturday night. I had heard of Ronnie’s unfortunate passing and wondered if this year’s organiser would need the services of the band. If not, there is no problem. I just wanted to ensure our contact details hadn’t been lost.

    1. Al Scott

      Hi David, Last year was special, being the 20th anniversary of our event, so the use of the band was a one-off. Thanks for your interest though.

      Al Scott


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