Programme 2014

Tai Chi Caledonia offers a range of options for attending, making it accessible to all. You can join us for a day, weekend, whole or part week basis, residential or non-residential.


The Weekend Sessions

Our teaching programme starts on Saturday morning at 10.00, following a brief introductory meeting. The weekend sessions include choices of 36 x 45 minute sessions allowing you to get a taste of a variety of approaches to tai chi & Chinese internal arts.


The Week-long Sessions

From Monday – Thursday you will train 21/2 hours each morning and afternoon, over the four days allowing 10 hours intensive training, each morning and afternoon, working on 2 separate disciplines (1 each from A and B) for 5 hours per day in total.


Qigong Training

In the early mornings we offer additional qigong practice sessions featuring a different teacher each day.


Push Hands

In addition to the structured classes there will be time for both formal and informal push hands training.


Talks & Discussions 

In addition to the practical work we offer a range of talks and discussions on various aspects of Chinese Internal Arts