The Ronnie Robinson Bursary

Tai Chi Caledonia was pleased this year to have implemented the first Ronnie Robinson Bursary.
This allowed one deserving student to attend the entire event free of charge in memory of Ronnie.
This year Aileen and myself were advised of a self-employed student who would not only have struggled to afford the fees but would have lost income for that week as well.
However, it was always our hope that this bursary should, if possible, be awarded for more than purely financial reasons and this year was successful in that.
The beneficiary had had a particularly difficult year, having moved to the other end of the country for a considerable time to support a close relative during and after his wife’s unsuccessful battle with cancer.
It is intended to continue this bursary every year so if you know of anyone who might be deserving of it in 2018 please check out the Ronnie Robinson Bursary page on this site and let us know.