22nd Tai Chi Caledonia

22nd Tai Chi Caledonia –  14th-21st July 2017

So 21 years have now come and gone successfully.

While this year’s event was missing Ronnie Robinson, he had started off the organisation for it , so it still bore his fingerprints. For 2017 Aileen and I will be doing everything “from scratch” and preparations have already begun. A few weeks after the 21st Caledonia  we arranged a meeting at Stirling University to go over what had gone well and what could be improved on from the university’s point of view.

This was productive and we were assured that the items that were missing from chalets at the start of this  year’s event would be in place for next year.

Instructors for next year have been invited and have accepted and Luigi Zanini has confirmed that the 2nd International Baguazhang Forum will be hosted by the 22nd Tai Chi Caledonia.

Despite the weather not being the best this year, all the workshops during the week were able to be conducted outdoors, with only a couple of short showers interrupting them. So we are hoping for at least as good weather next year, if not better!

Hopefully by now you will have seen the photos and videos from this year’s Tai Chi Caledonia on Facebook, this site and the Tai Chi Forum website. Our thanks to Nils Klug, a long-standing friend of both Ronnie and Tai Chi Caledonia for providing these.

In the meantime allow me to thank, on behalf of Aileen and myself, everyone involved in keeping the “Spirit of Caledonia!” going: the volunteer staff, the incredibly talented teachers who gave from their hearts and to each and every person who attended the event, creating an atmosphere of openness, giving, consideration and joy to the lasting benefit of each other!

Al Scott 12.08.16

Tai Chi Caledonia was founded in 1996 to allow the people of Scotland and beyond to have the opportunity to work with high level instructors, offering a range of styles and approaches to Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and other Chinese Internal Arts.

From these early days we have grown to become one of Europe’s best known Chinese Internal Arts annual gatherings.

For this, our 21st year we played host to the 1st European Baguazhang Forum

                                                              21st Tai Chi Caledonia