A week of Tai Chi, Qigong & Chinese internal arts in the heart of Scotland

Tui Shou – San Shou with Gianfranco Pace & Margherita Padalino

Two of this year’s teachers display a lovely little sequence of movements showing the gradual, smooth and natural progression from gentle push hands sensitivity to a free-flowing fighting applications. Click here for a link to the short article and video clip on Taiji Europa.

Caledonia Clothing

. For many years those who have attended Tai Chi Caledonia have been able to purchase our branded clothing such as T-Shirts, hoodies and tote bags. Now we are making them available to all – just click here for our online shop

Don’t Believe the Hype!

New Games Event 2013 Now you may well have heard about Tai Chi Caledonia and have picked up a programme or looked at our website to find out more what’s on offer. Now on reading the publicity information it would be reasonable to wonder about how much of what is said is true. Over the […]


Some time ago Nils Klug and I as part of our Taiji Europa project created a special dvd on the theme of relaxation. Simply entitled “Relaxation” the DVD features 8 of Europe’s key instructors proving simple, yet highly practical exercises designed to relax the body, calm the mind and stimulate the body’s natural healing energies. […]

European Competition

European Tai Chi Competition The Taijiquan & Qigong Federation for Europe (TCFE) announce that the 7th TCFE Competition will take place in Latvia over the weekend of October 3-5 2014. We will update you with more information as soon as its available.

Gianfranco Pace shows Fajing

Gianfranco Pace, on of our weekend instructors, who no doubt will remain with us for the week, demonstrates the smooth transition from soft, smooth qigong to explosive fajing!  

Keeping in going….

As bookings are starting to come in I’m continuing to look for ways to make our event more accessible with including more meaningful and easy to comprehend information on our website. I’ve just updated our “Week” page and added a few more images and have contacted other instructors to get their’s too. If there is […]

Still Working….

I recently returned from the 14th Push Hands Meeting in Hannover (Click here for my review) where I spent some quality social time with Barry McGinlay and Emma North of Tai Chi Life and Gianfranco Pace & Margherita Padalino of the International Taijiquan KungFu Association. We also discussed the possibility of adding some additional aspects to this […]

Pushing Push Hands

It seems that I’ve found myself in the favourable position of sitting right in between two push hands gathering… The first Scottish Push Hands meeting went down well in Glasgow last Sunday afternoon with 26 eager participants turning up to sense, listen, grasp, lock and push each other for nigh on four hours. With at […]

Tai Chi Sword – Ken Van Sickle

  I’m delighted to announce that through one of my other activities, which I co-manage with my German colleague, Nils Klug,  that we are entering the world of book publishing. We are also particularly proud to feature Ken Van Sickle as our first author with his imaginative and insightful look at the Tai Chi Sword.