A week of Tai Chi, Qigong & Chinese internal arts in the heart of Scotland

Central Axis Force – Roberto Benetti

Here is a short reminder from our friend Roberto for those of you who attended his workshop last July. central axis force excerpt

Ronnie Robinson Memorial Update

Donations for Ronnie’s books and DVDs at this year’s Tai Chi Caledonia totalled £436.13. Added to last year’s donations of £1087.93, this gives us a total of £1524.06 which will be  made up to £2000 by Tai Chi Caledonia to go towards the memorial for Ronnie in the university’s Garden of Imagination. Hopefully this will […]


I have posted this information on the Tai Chi Caledonia facebook page. It was noted last year that a few people had come some distance and from the same general area. If you are planning to drive up to Stirling next month and have room in your car for others then please post the details […]

Chip Shop Closed

Just a heads up that the chip shop and Italian restaurant at the foot of the hill will be closed during Tai Chi Caledonia and The William Wallace pub no longer serves food in the evening. The Co-op mini market stocks ready meals if you wish to cook for yourself in your chalet. There is a […]

2 for 1 for a day at the weekend

You will see that there is an option to attend this event for a day at the weekend.  To encourage those that have not attended before and may wonder what it is all about we are offering a two for the price of one option for this provided that one of the two has not […]

Warming Up with Judith in 2016

Some more warmup exercises this time from Judith van Drooge.

Other events

Here is another event you might like to check out. Don’t let the photo from the Tai Chi Caledonia 20th Anniversary Gala confuse you! Taiji Forum 2017 – Yangsheng – Care for Life

Praying Mantis

Another video from this year’s Cally along with some background information. Taiji Praying Mantis

Shibashi 3

Another video taken by Nils Klug at the 21st Cally Shibashi III – Taiji Qigong 3. Set