Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes what information we collect and how it’s used and shared. By using our website and/or services, you are agreeing to the terms of this policy.

The UK General Data Protection Regulations introduced in May 2018 require consent for organisations to use and hold personal data. However, where payment is made, there is a legal requirement to hold the data for 6 years for tax purposes. Therefore, the following applies to the use Tai Chi Caledonia makes of the data held.

For any Tai Chi Caledonia event, consent to the use of your data for communications regarding that event is implied by your submitting it either online, by email or on the booking form.

A tick box on booking forms will provide opt-in consent for Tai Chi Caledonia to use your data/images as described below both in that year and in future years.


What will be stored

Any personal data that we hold is restricted to name, address, telephone numbers, age and email address as provided by you on the event booking form.

Who will access / use this data

This information is held on a secure database accessible only to the organisers of Tai Chi Caledonia. This database is not accessible from nor accessed by the Tai Chi Caledonia website. We do not and will not share it with any other organisation or individual. The forms on which this data was submitted are destroyed after each year’s event.

How Your Data is Used

Event attendees who have chosen not to opt in to future updates: Use of this data is, and will continue to be, restricted to providing you with information only about the Tai Chi Caledonia event for which you have booked.

Event attendees who have chosen to opt in to future updates: Use of this data is, and will continue to be, restricted to providing you with information about the Tai Chi Caledonia family, namely the event itself, current and future events, and any future workshops or seminars which may be presented by teachers from these events but separate from the events themselves.


It is normal for us to take photographs and videos of workshops during the event for publicity purposes. Some of these may be published by us on our website and our Facebook page. They may also be shared with our colleagues at the European Taiji Forum ( and teachers at Tai Chi Caledonia who may use them, again for publicity purposes, or to illustrate the topic being covered by the material.  No personal data is shared with any third party. If you have objections to being included in such videos and photographs then please make this known to the organisers at the start of the event so that steps can be put in place to avoid this happening. A reminder will be given at the introductory meeting of the event and notices to this effect will be posted in prominent positions.


Data and images for which consent has been given will be held for as long as the information is relevant to Tai Chi Caledonia family activities or until a request is made to remove it. As noted below, in the case of data provided as part of a paid event, this cannot be earlier than six years since the data was last provided.


Under article 17 of the GDPR, individuals have the right to have personal data erased. This is also known as “the right to be forgotten “. If you require that we remove any personal information we have collected about you, please email your request to and your data will be removed in a timely manner where possible within the limits of the law.

If you are unhappy with how we use your data, you can contact us at any time to tell us to restrict processing. In these circumstances, your data would be retained but not used for any purpose to which you object.

In no circumstances does Tai Chi Caledonia hold or process any financial details.