Weekend Session Details 2024

Gordon Faulkner

    1. Daoyin Stress Prevention


    1. Daoyin Stress Relief


    1. Wudang Taiji Sword Techniques


    1. Taiji Qinna


Chiara Vendettuoli

Swimming Dragon

The living system is an ‘open’ system that constantly receives and emits energy in its relationship with the environment.  The accurate regulation of physiological processes occurs by  means of a complex communication  system, through orderly fluctuations of the electromagnetic field.

The Swimming Dragon is a method consisting of a series of connected movements, performed paying special attention to the integration and harmonisation of the systems and structure we are made of.

Through coherence and regulation we can achieve a harmonious balance (physical, mental and emotional) between body and mind.


Biospirals Meditation

The Biospirali method is Chi Kung using images and breathing, movements inspired by the path representing the intelligence of the cosmos: the spiral.

During this session we will practise preparatory exercises for the Biospirali and meditation.

Through breathing and some static postures we will enhance the flow of life, bringing mind and body back to a condition of balance.

Paul Silfverstrale 


  1. San Shou in Tui Shou.

Applications within the pushing hands frame work.

  1. Everything starts and finishes together.

Coordination and  synchronicity. 

  1. Legtrapping.

Seizing the stance.

  1. Close Quarter Strategies from the Tai Chi Classics.



John Bolwell

Master Calligrapher

‘Master Calligrapher makes his mark’ is a Qigong sequence of 6 moves   inspired by calligraphic strokes.

Ba Gua Spiralling Palms

Foundation patterns for Ba Gua’s characteristic spiralling movements.

Meridian Smoothing

A Qigong sequence that coordinates the breath and the tracing of the body’smeridian lines.

Martial Mudras

The art of hand gestures and articulations to help imbue your movement with meaning.

A practical expression of the saying ‘rooted in the feet, directed by the hips, expressed through the hand’.

Mauro Bertoli 

Modality and priority in the construction of a correct Taiji posture

What to consider improving the practice of postures.


The concrete experience of internal work 

A short journey, alone and in pairs to try to concretize in a real and perceptible experience of internal work.

Luigi Zanini

Six Healing Sounds

Working on the internal balance of the Organs, removing blocks and fostering circulation.

Xiao Yijinjing

A “classic” at TCC since 1996. A quick way to tonification and relaxation of body, mind and spirit.


Lucia Ring-Watkins       

Movement in Stillness

Basic Taoist meditation and standing stake from the Wudang Pai style. Finding internal movement within the stillness practices.

Stillness in Movement 

Basic standing and walking exercises from Wudang Pai Tai Chi. While the outside moves, something within is as still as a mountain. This is the source of your power.

Helmut Oberlack                                         


Shaking Qigong

Shibashi Set 3

Shibashi Set 5

Tiao Shen, regulation of the mind

James Carss                                              

  1. Han style Yiquan zhang zhuang
  1. Yiquan health exercises
  1. Principles and practice of water boxing (liuhebafa)
  1. Introduction to Magui Baguazhang

Dee Swift

Tai Chi Ruler

An introduction to working with the Tai Chi Ruler

(I have plenty of Tai Chi Rulers!)

Yin Yang Flowing Hands

An exercise in sensing hands for connection and flow.

Six Direction Qigong

What it says on the tin.


Naxo De La Encina

  1. Structure and Roots levels
  1. Circle of 8 words
  1. The WordPress of Kay / He ( Open / Close)
  1. Principles of Gong Fu Jia
  1. The Magic of Tuishou
  1. Taichi applications