Week-Long Sessions 2024

From Monday to Thursday you can train for two and a half hours each morning and afternoon. Each day you can work on 2 separate disciplines (one from category A and one from category B) for 2.5 hours each, totalling 5 hours per day. This allows for 10 hours of intensive training in each of your chosen disciplines over 4 days. Please select one from each category.

A1 – Mauro Bertoli

Relations Between Postures, Form and Pushing Hands

We will work with connecting some of the most common postures present in Yang style Taijiquan and the practice of pushing hands.

We will work with one posture each day, without focusing on the differences in interpretations between schools, looking for continuity between the “Inner work”, the forms and pushing hands.

The workshops will be accessible to all levels and especially suitable for beginners.

Accessible to all

A2 – Chiara Vendettuoli 



Accessible to all                                              


Accessible to all although some previous experience would be beneficial




A4 4  –  John Bolwell

An Introduction to the Staff 

Working with a short staff, we will build a repertoire of skills and drills that will develop posture and poise as well as enhance both the flow and the focus within our movement.

Over the 4 days, this will be developed into (i) a short solo sequence and (ii) a partner routine.

The staff is sometimes referred to as the root of all weapons, a symbol of the traveller and pilgrim, heralds and messengers; a conduit between heaven & earth and yet readily available to even the humblest person.

The ideal length for this particular work is between 4′ and 5′.

If you have a staff, please bring it along; however, it will also be possible to borrow one for the week.


Accessible to all


Accessible to all


Accessible to all

B3 – Paul Silfverstrale  


B4   – Helmut Oberlack

Accessible to all