TAI CHI CALEDONIA 25th ANNIVERSARY is going ahead from 15-22 July 2022

TAI CHI CALEDONIA 25th ANNIVERSARY is going ahead from 15-22 July 2022

The current situation in Scotland allows indoor as well as outdoor contact sports. As a result, the university has now confirmed that, as things currently stand (and we are all hopeful that any future changes will be to further loosen or even remove restrictions), they are happy for us to go ahead with our event this July.  Whoop de doo!

There are still some rules in place right now for people travelling to Scotland from outside the UK.

Those vaccinated need to provide proof of vaccination. This can be either a European digital Covid certificate or a paper copy. They also need to complete a Passenger Locator Form prior to departure but no test is required on arrival.

The unvaccinated are required to take a covid test prior to travelling, complete a Passenger Locator Form, and also take a PCR test within the first 2 days of arrival. This must be booked in advance so you have a reference number to put on the Passenger Locator Form. 

As mentioned, it is hoped that restrictions will be eased by the summer and so we aim to provide an update nearer the time on any rules that might apply during the event.

One word of caution: as we have seen throughout this pandemic, the situation has a habit of changing.  For this reason the university has advised us to encourage anyone coming to the 25th Anniversary Tai Chi Caledonia to arrange their own travel insurance.  If there were to be a resumption of restrictions that resulted in us having to cancel the event after the university’s cutoff date (27th May) the university cannot guarantee that they would be able to give us a refund. Consequently, in these circumstances we would be unable to provide any refunds to you. This is only in the case of the whole event having to be cancelled for Covid reasons and only after this date, normal refund rules would apply in all other situations.