Tai Chi Caledonia Postponed until 2021

Tai Chi Caledonia Postponed until 2021

I am sure it will come as no surprise that, sadly, because of Covid-19 we are having to cancel this year’s Tai Chi Caledonia.
We did consider an alternative option but there is too much uncertainty to postpone the event. The restrictions currently in place in Scotland, which do not look like being lifted by mid-July (or even August, the latest we could postpone it to), make it unfeasible to proceed.
Even if travel restrictions were lifted we now have a 14 day quarantine in place which would prevent most of our teachers getting here. In addition, it looks highly unlikely that the social distancing rules will be relaxed, which in itself would make the event impossible.

So, what now? It is our hope that this year’s programme can be carried over to next year and some of the teachers have already confirmed their availability.  The dates have been confirmed as 9 – 16 July 2021 and the university has booked us in then.  Details will be confirmed as soon as we know them – keep an eye out for updates on the website and Facebook page.

We have already had some considerable outlays (programmes, marquees etc) for this year’s event and unfortunately these will be forfeited. Luckily the university has agreed that while we cannot have it refunded, we can carry over their deposit to next year. While very welcome, it does not help us with the problem of having paid it from your deposits/payments this year.

Which brings me to a request: if you can manage, would you consider leaving what you have paid in place as payment for next year’s event in order to help us with our (lack of) cash flow? I realise that we are all in very different situations just now, many of them difficult, and that this may well not suit everyone, in which case you can obviously get a refund. However, for those of you who can manage, this would help us enormously. Equally, if you do this and it later transpires that you cannot make it to next year’s Cally then you will receive a refund. 

To cut down on admin I would suggest that if you are in a position to help us  then do nothing, but if you require a refund then please request it in an email to bookings@taichicaledonia.com
I hope you are all safe and well and looking forward to the Tai Chi Caledonia 25th Anniversary in July 2021!  Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Facebook page and the website as we may be able to have the odd thing for you during Cally week.


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