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What’s to Discuss?

China 2000---000117


At a recent Tai Chi Caledonia we spent an interesting hour or so considering the aspect of ‘Spirit’ in Internal Chinese Arts. What it meant for practitioners and what role this concept played in their practice. You can view the full transcript on these Taiji Europa pages and also get a short introduction to one of this year’s key teachers, Sam Masich


Don’t Believe the Hype!


New Games Event 2013

Now you may well have heard about Tai Chi Caledonia and have picked up a programme or looked at our website to find out more what’s on offer. Now on reading the publicity information it would be reasonable to wonder about how much of what is said is true.

Over the past 18 years we have earned a reputation for providing high-quality teaching, comfortable accommodation, stunning scenery, warm Scottish hospitality and a great sense of fun!

Have a look at some of the reviews of our past events by visiting this review of Tai Chi Caledonia 2013 the words have been written by previous attendees with no editing.



relaxation dvdSome time ago Nils Klug and I as part of our Taiji Europa project created a special dvd on the theme of relaxation. Simply entitled “Relaxation” the DVD features 8 of Europe’s key instructors proving simple, yet highly practical exercises designed to relax the body, calm the mind and stimulate the body’s natural healing energies.

The DVD includes Nabil Ranné, Ronnie Robinson, Cornelia Gruber, Wilhelm Mertens among others.

Relaxation DVD


Keeping in going….

PHG-142As bookings are starting to come in I’m continuing to look for ways to make our event more accessible with including more meaningful and easy to comprehend information on our website. I’ve just updated our “Week” page and added a few more images and have contacted other instructors to get their’s too. If there is anything you think we may have missed just get in touch and we’ll try to arrange it.


Tai Chi Sword – Ken Van Sickle



I’m delighted to announce that through one of my other activities, which I co-manage with my German colleague, Nils Klug,  that we are entering the world of book publishing.

We are also particularly proud to feature Ken Van Sickle as our first author with his imaginative and insightful look at the Tai Chi Sword.


Scottish Push Hands Meeting

Pushing Hands UK 2011, Workshop with Daan Hengst

One of the main reasons for starting Tai Chi Caledonia was to allow the few of us that were interested to get an opportunity to meet, learn and share with other practitioners, particularly in the field of push hands. Since these early days we have seen a plethora of annual push hands meetings in various European locations: Germany, Czech Republic, UK and Italy. And Tai Chi Life have had their weekly open exchange in London’s Regents Park.

Now we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and exchange in Glasgow, the meeting taking place at In the Moment Yoga Centre, 72 Berkeley Street, Glasgow on Sunday 2nd February from 13:00 – 17:00. There’s no need to book, just come along and the cost of the room hire will be divided by who’s there.

New Year, New Start

So the holidays are over, some of us have rested, some of us have over-indulged but, by now, we’re all looking to join the New Year, get our heads down and do all the things we need to do to survive, to grow and to develop a little more each day.

Tai Chi Caledonia 2014 is in place, we’re working day be day to bring you the news and look for ways to make this year’s event, educational, stimulating and above all providing you with invaluable tools in which to develop your art further.

The bones of our website are now in place and we’re working to integrate even more features to allow you to be kept unto date with new or additional aspects to our event.

We also include space for you to let us know what you’d like and perhaps also play a part on forming our final program of events.

Chen Tai Chi – Nabil Ranné
Click on above link to see a video clip of one of this year’s Instructors performing


A change is gonna come…

Those of you who are regular visitors to Tai Chi Caledonia will be justified in wondering what’s happening and those who are here for the first time may well feel there’s not much to see. Well please be patient over the next week or so whilst we migrate to WordPress, a system which I believe allows me to communicate more directly and regularly with you.

Currently I’m working to prepare the next programme which I hope to publish online prior to the printed copy be released, as I’m working on both versions simultaneously.