I have posted this information on the Tai Chi Caledonia facebook page.

It was noted last year that a few people had come some distance and from the same general area. If you are planning to drive up to Stirling next month and have room in your car for others then please post the details as a comment to this Tai Chi Caledonia Facebook page post.

Similarly if you would like a lift to Stirling and are willing to share petrol costs then put your details there too.

You can then PM each other and sort things out, just don’t drag me into it! 😲


It’s aff!

The traditional Chinese buffet on the Tuesday night is not going to happen this year as the restaurant  has closed down and there does not seem to be a suitable alternative for all of us within easy reach of the campus.

However, worry not, a new tradition is being started this year.

On the Tuesday evening we will now have an on-site BBQ with a Chinese style menu, but in order to cater for this we need to know numbers well in advance.  On the plus side, we will not have to limit numbers.
Here is the menu:
Beef marinated in black bean sauce, grilled on skewers.
Lemon chicken, grilled on skewers.
Vegetables marinated in a soy and garlic, grilled on skewers.
Asian style Coleslaw, with peanut, coriander, and ginger.
Asian style salad, with tangerine and a ginger vinaigrette. 
The cost will be £15 per head. Aileen has included information on this in the final information email but this is a reminder just in case you missed it there.
If you would like to participate in this then please let Aileen know asap as we need to give the caterers more notice than we did the Chinese restaurant.


Chip Shop Closed

Just a heads up that the chip shop at the foot of the hill will be closed during Tai Chi Caledonia so for those looking for food on Friday night, if you haven’t eaten before you come, then there is The William Wallace pub, also at the foot of the hill. I am sure some of you are already familiar with this establishment!

2 for 1 for a day at the weekend

You will see that there is an option to attend this event for a day at the weekend.  To encourage those that have not attended before and may wonder what it is all about we are offering a two for the price of one option for this provided that one of the two has not attended Tai Chi Caledonia before.

Update to 2017 Tai Chi Caledonia programme

Some updates for this year’s event in July.

Early morning Qigong will run from 8.30 – 9.30am for those not wishing to join in the Baguazhang. This will be presented by a different teacher each day.

After dinner each evening (except Wednesday, Ceilidh night!) we will have push hands. There will be a separate area for beginners to receive instruction at the start of each session. This will feature a different teacher each night, as we all have different approaches and emphases to this practice.

More details will be given at the Saturday morning information meeting.

FURTHER UPDATE to Ken Van Sickle Workshop.

It’s that time of year when there are too many things happening too close together that some things get forgotten…… the fact that we are only looking for a £50 deposit (non refundable) for this workshop at the moment, with the balance to be paid by 30 April.

It should also be noted that the deadline for the early bird discount has been brought into line with similar events and is now 31 March 2017. Booking made by this date will receive a £30 discount.

Update to Ken Van Sickle Glasgow Workshop

It has been pointed out that perhaps asking for payments at this time of year is not the best idea; also that I have omitted to give an alternative to online payments!


The deadline for getting the early bird discount of £150 has been extended to 31st January 2017.

And if you do not wish to pay online you can make out a cheque, payable to A Scott, and send it to:
6 Sandeman Place,

I will try and get it all right first time in future!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


The Ronnie Robinson Bursary

Tai Chi Caledonia was founded in 1996 to allow the people of Scotland and beyond to have the opportunity to work with high level instructors, offering a range of styles and approaches to Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and other Chinese Internal Arts.

This was the vision of Ronnie and Bob when they founded this event way back then. This vision continues and to foster this spirit, and to ensure that Ronnie’s name continues to be synonymous with Tai Chi Caledonia, we are introducing the annual Ronnie Robinson Bursary.    

It is appreciated that sometimes life can in many ways get in the way of our practice; in these times of austerity this is perhaps more true than ever it was. The Ronnie Robinson Bursary will provide one place at Tai Chi Caledonia each year for which the successful student will pay nothing.

The process will be for anyone aware of someone who they believe would be deserving of this to put a case forward for them on the form below (with their permission, of course!). If we do not know you then you should also attach a summary of your internal arts history and your place in it.

We are not listing criteria for qualification here as no doubt, whatever we thought of, you would come up with some scenario that we had missed. Suffice to say the relevant word is “deserving”, not just someone you know who would like a freebie!

 Ronnie Robinson Bursary Nomination form

Completed forms should be returned to:
Tai Chi Caledonia​, 62a Greenock Road, Bishopton, Renfrewshire, Scotland UK
or emailed to