25th Anniversary and Covid-19 – Update November 2020

25th Anniversary and Covid-19 – Update November 2020

With all the recent news about potential vaccines we have received a number of queries about next July’s event. The situation at present in Scotland is that it is hoped to start a vaccination programme in December, with potentially significant easing of restrictions by spring next year.

This clearly gives us hope that the 25th Tai Chi Caledonia will be able to take place as planned next July.

However, all this will be dependent on the availability and supply of the vaccines. It had been suggested that we give you a monthly update, but I think it will be better if we provide an update when there is something significant to report.

Meanwhile, the website is ready and waiting for your bookings! Details of the teachers and programme are also available on the website: there will be no printed programme issued this year as it is the same as last year’s and we don’t want to send Ronnie birling.

One reminder for those of you who left your deposits with us last year: as well as keeping your money, we have kept a note of any requests you had made (quiet room, diet, sharing etc), so if you wish to change any of these please email the details to bookings@taichicaledonia.com