Tai Chi Caledonia 25th Anniversary Postponed Until 2022

Tai Chi Caledonia 25th Anniversary Postponed Until 2022

We had said that we would wait until the end of this month before making a decision on this year’s event, but there seems no point in delaying the inevitable. It will probably come as no surprise, but a disappointment to all of us, that we will be unable to have a live Tai Chi Caledonia again this year.

There are a number of factors against us. The current plan is for Scotland to go into level 0 at the end of June and, given that we leave three weeks between the easing of restrictions, it is highly unlikely that we would be out of the level system by the time Cally is due to start. It became clear today, when SAGE members expressed concern that increasing incidence of the Indian variant could detrimentally affect the timescales for the lifting of restrictions, that any change to timings is not going to be in our favour.

Level 0 requires those at risk and the over 70s to maintain physical distancing. It also restricts numbers mixing both outside and indoors to an extent that would prevent us having the event as we know it and would also have implications for the accommodation.

The biggest problem though, is the traffic light system for those entering the country. With a couple of exceptions, all the countries our teachers come from (and a number of our participants) are on the amber list. This means that as well as arranging their own tests before leaving their own country and after arriving here, they would have to isolate for 10 days which is clearly pointless for our purposes. This is unlikely to change significantly as it has been stated that green should be the exception.

On a more positive note, the teachers have graciously agreed to again present Zoom sessions around lunchtime and early evening during Cally week (Saturday 10th July to Thursday 15th). Details are still to be finalised and there will be more information nearer the time.

So yet again we are waiting for the 25th Anniversary to take place: make a note in your diaries for 15 – 22 July 2022…………and keep your fingers crossed.