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Tai Chi Caledonia 2015

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Gianfranco Pace, on of our weekend instructors, who no doubt will remain with us for the week, demonstrates the smooth transition from soft, smooth qigong to explosive fajing!


I recently returned from the 14th Push Hands Meeting in Hannover (Click here for my review) where I spent some quality social time with Barry McGinlay and Emma North of Tai Chi Life and Gianfranco Pace & Margherita Padalino of the International Taijiquan KungFu Association. We also discussed the possibility of adding some additional aspects to this year’s Tai Chi Caledonia, one of the suggestions being early morning ‘boot camp’ for those who have a mind to. We’ll be talking further over the next few weeks or so….


Meetings like the Push Hands event also allows me the opportunity to see friends and instructors old and new like Paul Silfverstrale, Sonja Schillo and Henk Jannsen. Lau K King, a  20 years+ close student of Huang Sheng Shyan whom I hadn’t seen for a few years and I spent some pleasant times together and we could well see him at a future Tai Chi Caledonia soon.


Pushing Push Hands

Scottish Push Hands Meeting

Scottish Push Hands Meeting

It seems that I’ve found myself in the favourable position of sitting right in between two push hands gathering… The first Scottish Push Hands meeting went down well in Glasgow last Sunday afternoon with 26 eager participants turning up to sense, listen, grasp, lock and push each other for nigh on four hours. With at least five different schools attending variety was the order of the day and the seeds are now firmly sown to allow us all to grow and develop a little further.

On Tuesday I fly, with my trust companion Al Scott, to visit long-term friend and business partner, Nils Klug as he hosts the 13th International Push Hands Meeting in his native Hannover, Germany. Having attended for 12 of these 13 long years it will be a pleasure to once again encounter old friends to share in the game of tui shou.

There are many approaches to the art of push hands and because of this I chaired a discussion group at Tai Chi Caledonia in 2007 entitled, “Why Push Hands.”

Scottish Push Hands Meeting

Pushing Hands UK 2011, Workshop with Daan Hengst

One of the main reasons for starting Tai Chi Caledonia was to allow the few of us that were interested to get an opportunity to meet, learn and share with other practitioners, particularly in the field of push hands. Since these early days we have seen a plethora of annual push hands meetings in various European locations: Germany, Czech Republic, UK and Italy. And Tai Chi Life have had their weekly open exchange in London’s Regents Park.

Now we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and exchange in Glasgow, the meeting taking place at In the Moment Yoga Centre, 72 Berkeley Street, Glasgow on Sunday 2nd February from 13:00 – 17:00. There’s no need to book, just come along and the cost of the room hire will be divided by who’s there.