This year’s sword workshop is proving very popular. We have a limited number of swords which we can lend to people but your help would be appreciated.
If your method of travel allows it please bring your own sword if you plan on attending this workshop. If you don’t plan on this but would be willing to lend a sword to someone who is then please bring it with you. Preferably wooden ones but metal swords will do as well.


The General Data Protection Regulations introduced in the UK in May 2018 require consent to be specifically given for organisations to use and hold personal data.

For any Tai Chi Caledonia event, consent to the use of your data is inferred by your submitting it on the booking form or by email. However, consent given in this way is restricted to using it for communicating information about that year’s event only.

In future years we will introduce a tick box on the booking form to provide opt-in consent for Tai Chi Caledonia to retain your data for as long as it is relevant to the Tai Chi Caledonia family activities and to use it in both the current and future years. Use of this data is, and will continue to be, restricted to providing you with information about the Tai Chi Caledonia family, namely the event itself and any workshops/seminars which may be presented by teachers from these events but separate from the events themselves.

Any personal data that we hold is restricted to name, address, telephone numbers, age and email address as provided by you by email or on the event booking form. This information is held on a secure database accessible only to the organisers of Tai Chi Caledonia. We do not and will not share it with any other organisation or individual. The forms on which this data was submitted are destroyed after each year’s event.

Any photographs and videos of workshops during the event may be used for publicity purposes. Some of these may be published by us on our website and our Facebook page and shared with our colleagues at the European Taiji Forum ( https://taiji-forum.com ) who may use them, again for our publicity purposes, or to illustrate the topic being covered by the material. No personal data is shared with the Taiji Forum. If you do not wish your image to be used you can inform the organisers at the start of the event or at any point during it.


If you require that we remove any personal information we have collected about you, please email your request to bookings@taichicaledonia.com  and your data will be removed in a timely manner where possible within the limits of the law.

For more information please see our Privacy Notice.

Change to weekend programme

By popular demand Luigi Zanini has kindly agreed to present two workshops on Xiao Yijinjing

The link on the weekend programme page will now take you to an updated programme which reflects this.



The Chalets are filling up fast!!!

If you intend on joining us this summer and have not yet booked, I would suggest that you do this ASAP as we are rapidly filling up the rooms in the Spittal Hill chalets.

And no, this is not a marketing ploy that Ronnie would have been proud of!

Eating Options for Friday 6th July

As people arrive at all sorts of times on the Friday we do not provide any food that night.  Here is some information that might help you, whether you are a newcomer or an old hand.

The Italian restaurant and chip shop at the foot of the hill is closed for its summer break. So what are the alternatives?

The William Wallace, the pub at the foot of the hill, is currently looking for a chef and so it is hard to say if they will be serving food or not. I wil try and update this nearer the time, if possible.

However there is a new place just to the right on the main road as you leave the university main entrance. This is The Meadowpark Pub and Kitchen. Aileen and I had a lunch there last week and it was very nice. They serve food until 10pm on Fridays but advised that booking would be a good idea.

The website is www.themeadowparkstirling.co.uk

email info@themeadowparkstirling.co.uk

Telephone 01786 834084

If you go straight through the roundabout at the foot of the hill and go along the 3rd road on the right, Easter Cornton Road, you will find The Birds and Bees, which some of our people have used in the past and found to be good. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk from Spittal Hill and is a gastropub pub serving steaks and a British pub menu.

The website is www.thebirdsandthebees-stirling.com

Telephone 01786 473663




Ronnie Robinson – Second Anniversary

On this, the second anniversary of Ronnie’s sad passing, Georgia Brooker has shared this poem with us. Georgia presented the 20th Anniversary Gala with Ronnie and this poem was inspired by the feedback, comments and snippets of conversations she had from lots of people at the previous year’s event.  Thanks, Georgia.

A Shared Poem for Tai Chi Caledonia

Well, here’s the thing:
I have opened an interesting book
and I’ve just read the first pages.
It translates into any language
but save the stories for the campfire.
at the delight on her face as she played
and we played, and at dancing in the chalets,
the grace of footsteps:
spirale, spirale, spirale, like ballet.
And breathe. There’s no end to the breath,
and rigidity is death, and I told you
to empty your leg, not your head.
We talked about flashes, flexing,
adapting, relaxing into changes.
Old root, new branch,
and saw the green oak shoot growing up
through the circle of a rotting stump,
friends sitting on the stairs to rub each other’s shoulders,
the blackbird seizing the morning worm,
and there! the buzzards which might be eagles.

Sink, release.
Good chi,
fun, free, sincerity, generosity,
The amazingness-ness of it all.
Honour your part.
Feel your feet.
Live your art.

And again, listen:
the sound of the mower, a bell ringing.
The gong.
Sorry, what was that? Right…
the other left.
Am I doing this wrong?


It has been noted in the past that a few people had come some distance and from the same general area. If you are planning to drive to Stirling in July and have room in your car for others then please post the details as a comment to the car sharing post on the Tai Chi Caledonia Facebook page.

Similarly if you would like a lift to Stirling and are willing to share petrol costs then put your details there too.

You can then PM each other and sort things out, just don’t drag me into it! 😲

Payment Methods

If you are in the UK and are planning on joining us in July can I ask that you pay either by cheque or by bank transfer please?
The PayPal account we set up was intended solely for the use of visitors from abroad as their bank charges are even higher than the charges PayPal levies on us! So if you are reading this from somewhere outwith the UK then please feel free to use the PayPal option.
However, if you are in the UK…….. 
………while I appreciate that PayPal is convenient, they charge us a considerable amount for each transaction. As cheques and bank transfers within the UK are not subject to any charge at either end please use this method of payment in order to help our efforts to avoid having to increase future prices.

Ronnie Robinson Bursary

We are now into February and, having requested that all nominations be in by the end of January, I am pleased to announce that, having considered all applications, we have now settled on the nominee who will receive for the Ronnie Robinson Bursary for 2018.